hey, i'm meagan

brand strategist

web designer

wedding photographer

founder of luxelle studio

i founded luxelle studio because of my own struggle with my photography brand.

As a wedding photographer, I constantly heard about how important branding is. I was trying to create a solid brand, but I didn't understand the strategy that needed to go behind it.

I tried to copy what other photographers did with their brands and websites, but that didn't get me far. While other photographers were booking their dream clients and standing out for their unique approach, I was stuck blending into the background.

sound familiar?

so what fixed it then?

the moment everything changed

I invested my time, energy, and thousands of dollars into learning about how to create a brand that would connect me with my dream clients and help me stand out from my competitors.

after applying what i learned, my business changed for the better. i finally had the strategic, confident brand and website that i had dreamed of for so long.

Because of how much and how long I struggled, I decided that I wanted to help as many other photographers as possible avoid the frustration and confusion of figuring out their branding.

That's when I founded Luxelle Studio.

now, i'm working with



their dream clients.

photographers to

help them


stand out

are you ready to be next?

let's work together